Use Stifling Heat to Kill Bed Bugs, Viruses and Bacteria

Partner with us for COVID-19 and bed bug treatments in Jamaica, NY

Often bed bug treatments and COVID-19 disinfecting services have one thing in common - powerful chemical sprays. But that's not the only way to eliminate pests and germs. At temperatures above 140 degrees, most living things can't survive for long. For coronavirus and bed bug treatments without the use of dangerous chemicals, turn to the experts at Bedbugsbegone.

Our company based in Jamaica, NY serves clients throughout the surrounding areas, including New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Call 917-995-2650 now to learn more about our bed bug solutions.

The superior bed bug solution

Bedbugsbegone provides advanced COVID-19 and bed bug solutions. Our business idea started when our owner's own mother was dealing with a bed bug invasion. The exterminator she called used a chemical spray that wasn't 100% effective, allowing the bed bugs to come back multiple times. That's when we decided there had to be a better way.

Our powerful commercial heaters and air movers will ensure not a single bug, egg or virus can survive. We even offer a DIY bed bug treatment, providing all the equipment for homeowners to deal with their pest invasion themselves.

To schedule our affordable and effective bed bug heat treatment, contact a member of our team today.

Keeping you and your family safe

Now more than ever, homeowners are realizing the importance of proper sanitation. It takes more than just soap and water to kill viruses and bacteria, but do you really want chemicals sprayed all throughout your home?

Bedbugsbegone offers COVID-19 heat treatment that will:

Create an environment where no coronavirus can survive

Leave no dangerous chemicals around children or pets

Kill all viruses and bacteria with a single one-day treatment

We can heat a single room or your entire home. All you have to do is remove any combustible items like aerosol cans and fire extinguishers from the area. Reach out today to get started.