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Heat is introduced into the home through industry-specific heaters and powerful fans distribute the heat evenly to all areas. This convection processes allows heat to penetrate beds, furniture, electronics, wall voids and clothing.

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Bed Bugs Inspection

If you suspect you have been exposed to bed bugs, the best starting point is a thorough visual inspection. Learning how to detect them will limit the spread of the infestation, reducing the cost and complexity of treatment.

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Pre-Construction Treatment

Before we schedule heat treatment we will need to get some details and information about the job. If you submit an online request you will be contacted by a Pure Environmental technician who will guide you through the process.

Reasons to treat Bed Bugs with Heat

Heat is a very convenient way to rid of bed bugs. Heat radiates into walls and your belongings to get bed bugs in places that are hard to get to with insecticides. Studies have shown that bedbugs can become resistant to chemicals and adapt to living in dangerous environment.

Heat treatment will kill bedbugs in hours not weeks. Heat treatment kill bedbugs in all stages of development, including eggs. When a pest control company do fumigation

it's possible that bed bug eggs can survive exposure to the fumigants.

    Toxic Bug Control

In a two year span, chemical bed bug treatments were linked to 81 cases of pesticide poisoning.

    ECO Contamination

More than 98% of sprayed pesticides make their way into the air, soil or water.

    Evolution of the Bug

Some bugs can now with stand 1000 times the amount of pesticides that they could 10 years ago.

    Single Treatment Solution

One heat treatment can eliminate bedbugs and eggs, 3 or more sprayed pesticides will elimate the insect not the eggs within two months.

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Bedbugs Treatment

Bedbugs don't make you sick, but the poisons used to kill them can.

What our Client Says?

  • Miyah Myles

    They did a bed bug inspection for me and discovered that I instead had carpet beetle larvae. They informed me of how to take care of this, which I was able to get taken care of myself. They were very thorough in their inspection. I found them to also be very reasonable in price. They were very kind, and knowledgeable and honest. I am going to recommend them my friends.

  • Miyah Myles

    Didn’t take long…went very well. Neither he nor the dog found any evidence of bedbugs, only a few harmless carpet beetles. I was concerned that he might” find” evidence so that he could then do the follow-up extermination. He was honest and professional…great job!