Bedbug Tracker Begone



Heat is a Natural/Friendly form of energy, its a natural solution to rid homes of pesticides and airborne viruses. When temperatures reaches 56°C viruses enzymes begins to collapse.

– South China Morning Post reported, studies have proven that the virus is highly sensitive to high temperatures which could prevent it from spreading in warmer countries while the opposite appeared to be true in cold climates the study said.

– Most bacteria thrive at 40° to 140°F, which is why despite the facts high temperatures do kill most germs. According to the WHO ( WORLD Health Organization ) temperatures of 140° to 150°F are enough to kill most viruses. Boiling water will kill or inactivates viruses, bacteria and other pathogens by using HEAT to damage structural components and disrupt essential life processes ( it will denature the proteins ).

– Protein denaturation occurs when a protein loses its quaternary, tertiary and secondary structure, it become unfolded and ceases to function due to some sort of external stress such as exposure to acids, solvents, or HEAT.

– Every living organisms have a melting point. HEAT solution is a proven method that safely, quickly, and efficiently decontaminates area and its surroundings. Analysis of two major coronavirus strains ( SARS-COV-1 ) found the virus was inactivated in a laboratory by minimum HEAT levels and exposure times, as published in a reviewed in PubMed and the US National Institute of Health.

Heat has successfully been used to decontaminate molds, fungi, bacterial and viral contamination, when treating microbial virus. Heat is an alternative safer efficient solution to chemicals base toxic solvents. Chemical base solvents are effective but when not properly used can be harmful.