COVID Heat Treatment

Disinfect and Sanitize Any Room

Disinfect and Sanitize Any Room

Ask us about our COVID-19 heat treatment offered in the Jamaica, NY area

Are you worried that your home or business has been exposed to COVID-19? Spraying chemicals is one popular solution, but intense heat has also shown to be extremely effective against dangerous viruses and bacteria. At Bedbugsbegone, we offer professional COVID-19 heat treatments throughout the Jamaica, NY area.

Our coronavirus heat treatments take about four hours for a single room and eight hours for an entire home. We'll monitor progress every hour to ensure our heaters and air movers are working properly.

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Benefits of using heat instead of chemicals

Multiple studies have shown that most coronaviruses and bacteria can't survive longer than 20 minutes at temperatures above 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Our coronavirus heat treatments have several benefits including:

  • No lingering odors left inside your home
  • No damage to the environment from excess cleaning solutions
  • No potential for missed surfaces

Our heaters will raise the temperature of your entire home to 140 degrees and above, creating an environment where viruses and bacteria can't survive. Want to learn more about our process? Contact us today.