Want to Take Care of a Bed Bug Problem on Your Own?

Want to Take Care of a Bed Bug Problem on Your Own?

Rent our equipment in Jamaica, NY for a DIY bed bug treatment

It's not always convenient or practical to have a service professional working inside your home or business. If you have a bed bug issue that you'd like to take care of yourself, turn to Bedbugsbegone in Jamaica, NY. We offer equipment rentals for DIY bed bug treatments.

Our bed bug equipment rental requires a $1000 refundable deposit and costs $500 per day. We'll drop off the units and walk you through all of the steps to complete your DIY bed bug treatment.

Call today to learn more about our rental services.

Tips for bed bug treatment

Your bed bug equipment rental will include a commercial heater with two air movers and electrical cords. Before you get started we recommend that you:

  • Leave all furniture and mattresses exactly where they are to reduce spread
  • Carefully remove any aerosol cans, fire extinguishers and gun ammo
  • Secure any pets, including cats, dogs, fish or rodents that might be inside

The heat treatment will reach temperatures at or above 140 degrees, so it's important to take any and all precautions before getting started. Never move clothes or linens to another room, as this could allow the bed bugs to hitch a ride into other areas of your home.